Take this short quiz and discover your Tombohuaun name.

I love to cook. What do you love doing?

Exploring the world
Meeting new people
Eating delicious food
Solving problems
Making people laugh
WaterAid/Joey Lawrence

What sort of person do your friends think you are?


Where’s your happy place?

My hometown
The outdoors
The dinner table
The dance floor
The library

What did you like doing when you were younger?

Discovering something new
Mucking about with friends
Getting into mischief
Going on adventures
Family holidays
Eating sweets

What are your hopes for the future?

Make new friends
Be promoted at work
Have a break
See my family more
Master a new skill
Travel the world

Perfect - thanks! I’ve come up with just the Tombohuaun name for you.

Ready to find out what it is?

I'm calling you Matu

Will you share your new name?

You’re part of our village now, .

Come, there’s someone I really want you to meet.

villager image

This is my friend . is years old and lives near me in Tombohuaun.

In many ways, is a lot like you. enjoys too.

But there’s one thing that’s really different about life. Can I tell you what?

Ok, . and many of us here in Tombohuaun used to get sick because we only had dirty water to drink.

Lots of families lost children. Not long ago, five-year-old Beindu died from a waterborne illness.

A water pump will make life better for everyone in the village. Our children will be healthier and happier - and can grow up to be whatever they want.

- now you’re part of Tombohuaun, you understand why communities like ours need clean water. Will you give just a few pounds to help more people have a better future?